Privacy Curtain System And Infusion System are used in many hospitals in areas like ICCU, Sharing Rooms, Examination room & other Areas in hospitals. Due to its innovative design, practical effectiveness and rugged reliability, it has established itself in this market.

Itís the only track in market on roller wheel; standard curtain hooks fitted giving advantages like, free running curtains and zero maintenance. Even after Intense use Curtains on Roller Hooks are as good as new due to which, it runs smoothly and the system does not require lubrication, only Normal Cleaning procedures are required.

Saras Life Solutions, having its own extensive research and development team which involve in constant development, which is important aspects of our business.


The media supply unit specially designed for the recovery room and Intensive care unit

Bed head unit consist of 2 compartments, for medical gases and electrical Internal access to the unit is performed through clipped covers, which allow easy access and the possibility to expand or reduce unit easily.


Over head infusion system is the safe, space saving alternative to conventional IV System. Due to limited availability of space in the Hospitals, there is over crowding of necessary medical equipment around the bed which results in poor utilization of space, and obstruct efficient management of equipments.

Our design team has found that, by suspending equipment from ceiling it will optimize free space around the bed. Equipment such as syringe pump, infusion pump installed on overhead tracks safely, which can be positioned exactly where required.