Bed Head Units
Bed Head Unit  by Saras life solutions
Bed Head Unit: Saras Life Solutions

The media supply unit specially designed for the recovery room and Intensive care unit

Bed head unit consist of 2 compartments, for medical gases and electrical Internal access to the unit is performed through clipped covers, which allow easy access and the possibility to expand or reduce unit easily.

  • It can be equipped with all necessary outlets and receptacles.
  • Can be integrated with hanging rails for increased equipment management.
  • Can be customized to meet all needs.

Technical Data:
Material: Extruded aluminum profile single duct heights 137mm/111m Bed head unit usually consists of two ducts one for medical gases and second for electrical.
  • Lighting option: Reading light, light on /off switch .
  • Communication option: Telephone socket, Monitor socket (RJ45) Nurse call.
  • Medical gas outlet: Any Medical Gas standard can be installed.
  • Hanging rail: Can be mounted on the unit itself or on wall for efficient mounting of medical equipment's.